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The Clear Lake Solutions team successfully eradicated the invasive plants Yellow Floating Heart and Eurasian Water Milfoil from the decorative ponds of a beautifully landscaped Vancouver Island community.  In 2018 a single pond was treated and results compared to other control methods.  Based on the success of the trial pond, treatment was expanded to the majority of the ponds in 2019. Treatment employed an environmentally sensitive, Health Canada approved, VSHL herbicide.  Only the invasive species were impacted. No other flora or fauna were harmed. The program was a complete success.

Background on the Project

A beautifully landscaped Vancouver Island community had numerous decorative ponds located through the neighbourhood.  The ponds became infested with the invasive plants Yellow Floating Heart and Eurasian Milfoil.  The infestation made the ponds unattractive and the inhabitants became concerned about the impact on the community, potential pluggage of irrigation lines and increased insect breeding.  Several costly solutions were pursued before Clear Lake Solutions was contacted.

Clear Lake Solutions gets involved

After meeting with community members, Clear Lake Solutions began a thorough analysis of the invasive plant problem:

  • Data Collection, Analysis (water & plant) and Root Cause Determination
  • Information Dissemination (Owners/Residents)
  • Remediation Option Review and Recommendations to Owners/Residents
  • Proposal Preparation, Presentation and Approvals
  • Program Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance


Data Collection and Analysis

Samples of the “invasive species” were obtained from the lake for analysis. We determined that the aquatic plant was Yellow Floating Heart and Eurasian Water Milfoil.

Treatment Decision and Program Implementation

After a, thorough review of all options Clear Lake Solutions determined that a Health Canada and Pesticide Management Regulatory Authority endorsed herbicide application would be the most cost effective and efficient treatment method for this particular situation.  The community agreed to conduct a trial of the recommended treatment on one pond to evaluate the program effectiveness.

One pond was treated in 2018 and the results were effective and immediate.  The Clear Lake Solutions treatment was not only much more effective, but it was also much less costly than excavation had been.  Based on the success with the trial pond, the community agreed to expand the Clear Lake Solutions recommended treatment strategy to all of the community ponds.  In 2019, all of the ponds were treated and again, the results were effective and immediate.


Clear Lake Solutions was successful in eradicating both species of  invasive aquatic plants that infested all the ponds in the community. Clear Lake Solutions utilized a structured problem-solving approach to determine the invasive species and review relevant treatment options. Clear Lake Solutions worked with local residents to communicate the problem and layout the options. Clear Lake Solutions recommended chemical treatment with a Health Canada approved VSHL herbicide that targets Yellow Floating Heart and Eurasian Water Milfoil. Clear Lake Solutions worked with the owners and applicators to ensure an effective and environmentally sensitive treatment program that has proven to be 100% successful.  The community members are very pleased with the results and now plan to have Clear Lake Solutions maintain control of invasive plant species in their ponds in 2020.

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