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The ponds of a private golf course became heavily infested with invasive aquatic plants: Eurasian Milfoil, Pond Weed and Yellow Iris.  Aeration somewhat reduced the infestation but the problem remained extensive.

The Clear Lake Solutions team was contacted, identified the invasive plant problem and proposed a solution using a VSHL herbicide.  Working over a 3 day period, certified applicators administered the treatment while safely working around active golfers.  No interruption in club activities was required.  The results were immediate and dramatic, successfully eradicating all of the invasive plant growth.

Background on the Project

A beautiful Vancouver Island private golf course had a large number of decorative water hazards located along the fairways.  The ponds became infested with the invasive plants Yellow Iris, Pond Weed and Eurasian Milfoil.  The infestation made the ponds unattractive and had the potential to plug irrigation lines, increasing maintenance costs. Aerators in several ponds which diminished some of the growth but the invasive plants continued to be a major problem.

Clear Lake Solutions gets involved

After meeting with golf course management, Clear Lake Solutions began a thorough analysis of the invasive plant problem:

  • Data Collection, Analysis (water & plant) and Root Cause Determination
  • Remediation Option Review and Recommendations to the owners
  • Proposal Preparation, Presentation and Approvals
  • Program Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance


Data Collection and Analysis

Samples of the “invasive species” were obtained from the lake for analysis. We determined that the aquatic plant was Yellow Iris, Pond Weed and Eurasian Water Milfoil.

Treatment Decision and Program Implementation

After a thorough review of all options, Clear Lake Solutions determined that a Health Canada and Pesticide Management Regulatory Authority endorsed VSHL herbicide application would be the most cost effective and efficient treatment method for this particular situation.  Golf course management agreed to the proposal and the treatment was implemented.  No interruption in course activities was required and the results were very effective.


Clear Lake Solutions was successful in eradicating all three species of  invasive aquatic plants that infested the golf course water hazards. Clear Lake Solutions utilized a structured problem-solving approach to determine the invasive species and review relevant treatment options.  Clear Lake Solutions recommended chemical treatment with a Health Canada approved VSHL herbicide that targets Yellow Iris, Pond Weed and Eurasian Water Milfoil.  Clear Lake Solutions implemented the treatment while causing no change in golf course activities.

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