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Clear Lake Solutions provides custom-tailored solutions to your invasive plant problems. 

The Clear Lake Solutions Systematic Approach to Invasive Species Control

An effective invasive plant control program can only be achieved if the invasive species, environmental conditions, regulations and available treatment options are well understood. The first step in the development of a Clear Lake Solutions control strategy is a thorough understanding of the invasive species problem. Data collection, water analysis and identification of invasive plant species are steps taken by Clear Lake Solutions to identify the invasive plant problem.

Once the invasive plant problem has been clearly defined, the available and approved treatment options are reviewed and the best solution(s) is chosen.

Treatment options include:

  • Biological control methods
  • Chemical control methods
  • Systemic/Mechanical control methods

Each method has advantages and disadvantages that are carefully considered. Not all methods are effective on all invasive plant problems, so every problem requires a custom-tailored solution. Once the best solution(s) has been identified, a regulatory review is conducted.

Clear Lake Solutions ensures that the solution they recommend meets the applicable environmental regulations and obtains approval from the appropriate governmental bodies when required. There are many regulations that must be reviewed and considered, including:

  • Water Sustainability Act and Regulations (SBC 2014, C.15) (BC Reg 36 / 2016)
  • Invasive Plants Regulations (BC Reg 18 / 2004)
  • Integrated Pest Management Act (SBC 2003 C.58))
  • Weed Control Regulation ( BC Reg 189 / 2001)
  • Community Charter – Spheres of Concurrent Jurisdiction – Environment and Wildlife Regulations (BC Reg. 144 / 2004)
    Water Quality Act

In addition, Clear Lake Solutions often meets with the appropriate government officials, eg. Forestry Lands & Natural Resources (FLNRO), the Ministry of Environment (MOE). We also communicate with the Invasive Species Council of BC, local residents and Front Counter BC Government representatives when applicable.

Once an effective and approved invasive plant control solution(s) has been selected, we prepare a proposal and recommendations report for your review.

Clear Lake Solutions will provide you with our invasive plant control recommendations in the form of a proposal. We will meet with you to review the proposal and answer your questions. Our proposal will include:

  • What our recommended control strategy is
  • Why this solution was chosen
  • How much the solution will cost
  • How the solution will be provided

Once you have approved our recommended solution, we will coordinate and schedule implementation with you.

Clear Lake Solutions uses government approved, licensed and certified personnel to apply the invasive plant control solution. Upon completion of the control solution, we will follow-up with you, assess the success of the application and determine if further action and/or future maintenance is required.

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